Training can be done at almost any age.

Enjoyable training forms a good foundation for dogs to learn from throughout life, and as long as training is fun for your dog, he or she will want to repeat the things already learned as well as want to learn more.


Its important that your dog responds to your call, that they sit/wait patiently for meals and other resources, thereby raising the value of what you provide, and that they are open to sharing, leaving or staying when you need them to.

Such basic commands, if used correctly and if not over-used, are wonderful for strengthening your bond with your dog or puppy and to improve simple communication and mutual understanding. Knowing such commands can also help to prevent potential mishaps.


  • Thanks for a most insightful 1½ hours last Saturday morning. Amanda shared many valuable observations primarily of Boris, and also of the rest of the pack. I'm sure that putting Amanda's suggestions into practice will definitely result in a happier pack!
    Andrew Smotter
  • Thank you for helping my precious Apollo with his anxiety issues. He is a much happier pup... We are so happy to have our carefree boy back! Your patience and kindness were much appreciated! Highly recommend!
    Lauren-Jade Hughes
  • Amanda was so amazing. We introduced our two rescue Irish Setters into a home with 3 male cats. The setters had never been exposed to cats. Amanda came in, showed us a number of techniques and rules and taught us how to handle and deal with the situation we were faced with. Today our one cat a FERAL, as most people know they are quite skittish, kisses and rubs himself all over our Irish Setters. This smooth and loving integration could not have been done without the help of Canine Companion. Thank you so much Amanda
    Cristina Sequeira
  • Thank you so much Amanda, for the magic you worked for us and Matilda, our Bullmastiff Pitbull cross! We really enjoy life with her a lot more since you worked with us. We now feel that we know what we are doing and it is simply amazing how Matilda responds to everything you showed us. We walk her twice a day, she still likes to pull a bit (after all she's just a puppy😉) but we keep practising and we all love our strolls around our neighbourhood. On Sunday we had the house full of people and it went really well, everyone was so impressed with our well-behaved puppy and we couldn't sing your praises enough! I'm so glad we got you in early and we'll definitely ask for your help again should we feel the need. We highly recommend your wonderful service - we learned so much and you made it a fun and relaxed experience for us as well as our puppy. Thank you so much, Gabi, Anna, Rudi and Matilda
    Gabriele Hampel
  • We have a gorgeous blond Labrador named Khaleesi, who loves couches (even though she has a big comfy bed) and running over to the neighbour's yard to visit, which can be very dangerous for her. After a few consultations with Canine Companion, I'm so happy about all the positive changes I see in her. Because we understand what's going on, it is so much easier to keep doing the right things, and she responds to them wonderfully. Thanks, Amanda, your help has been both educational for us and invaluable for our critter!
    Howard Selfe
  • A very big thank you to Amanda for helping us!! The difference in my pug after just one appointment is unbelievable. One of the immediate and very noticeable changes is he has not marked in the house once since we saw Amanda and started implementing her techniques. He is so calm, happy and content. (He was very anxious and tense before.) For the first time, our walks together have become a pleasure and I can actually enjoy the walk instead of spending the entire time in what felt like a battle of who was walking who!! I can't say enough good things. Wish I had done this sooner. So worthwhile!
    Rhian Janssens
  • Thank you for all your help Amanda, my dogs are definitely more relaxed and not so reluctant to listen to me! Walks are also going much better. Your session has been truly invaluable, for all of us. I only wish that I had contacted you sooner!!
    Candice Kerry Ward
  • Amanda is just amazing. Her knowledge of all dogs is just incredible. Just by following her advice our Spaniel is a much happier dog and a lot less nervous. Thanks for your help Amanda!
    Mariëtte Cilliers
  • A big thank you to Amanda for all her help with my Sasha who was battling with severe separation anxiety for months. Sash was also digging up my garden, chewing everything she could find and ruling my house. What an amazing transformation!
    Dion Visser
  • Amanda is great! She helped me to understand how to set boundaries for my over-exuberant puppy without feeling like I am punishing him. I can see the improvement in his day to day behaviour and walks from the tips and tricks she taught us.
    Kerusha Singh
  • So happy with the counselling I received with my dogs! They have absolutely changed for the better and can't thank Amanda enough. Recommend her to everyone with problems with your beloved furbabies!
    Megan Venter
  • Amanda is amazing, she really knows how to work with you and your dog and put you at ease. She is helping me so much with my puppy Tedd and I am looking forward to seeing the results!
    Stacy Hatting
  • I can not recommend Amanda enough! She has helped us tremendously with setting better behaviors with our dogs. She is extremely knowledgeable and has an incredible presence with difficult dogs.
    Caryn Canny



If he or she battles with separation-anxiety, is toileting in the house, fighting with the other dogs, barks all day while you’re at work, or at strangers, or is digging up your back garden and chewing your furniture, you’ll need some assistance.

Unwanted behaviours are easily resolved when the root of the problem is understood and addressed. Giving commands successfully each time becomes simple if you know how it is your dog understands you. Simple changes can help them to feel better fast. Soon your best friend will become better behaved, more manageable and obedient, and even keen to listen to you. Problem behaviours become a thing of the past, and your dog becomes a happier individual.


Consultation and training sessions are are structured according to each specific situation and requirements, focusing on what’s necessary and ensuring that your dog benefits from a personal approach to their individual needs, behavioural issue/s or the training they require.


One-on-one training

A positive and fun learning experience for all involved. Training is done at home for puppy to gain most benefit from learning in a one-on-one way and in a familiar environment. Individual training ensures that puppy feels comfortable to progress at his or her own pace. Special attention can be given to difficult areas of learning and puppy can learn at their own pace, without forcing them or moving at a speed that overwhelms.

Learning happens faster and a lot more is covered during one-on-one training. Positive reinforcement (reward-based) methods are used and encouraged in training.

Cost breakdown

First session: R750

•During the first session is usually about bad behaviour avoidance and existing puppy behaviours such as biting at hands, jumping up, chewing on nearly everything, boisterousness, not listening, toileting indoors etc.

•Training is also started during the first session and the focus is on basic obedience, a couple of commands and depending on how puppy is doing, also some leash training.

Second session & all follow-up sessions: R550

•Because the rate of learning is much faster with private home training, fewer repeat lessons are necessary.

•A second class is recommended for around 10 days to two weeks after the first session, to go over things learned, to work through difficult areas and to continue with commands, leash training etc.