General obedience, commands and leash training – done at home

General obedience, commands and leash training

Its great learning for your dog or puppy to gain some basic command (obedience) training and to learn about not pulling on the leash during walks so that walks are more beneficial.

Its important to get your dog or puppy to respond to your call (come command), to sit for their meals (to earn, raising the value of what you provide and to show good manners), to wait for you when necessary (such as when you get to crossing a road) or to lie down if necessary.

These basic commands, if used correctly and not over-used, are wonderful for strengthening your bond with your dog or puppy and improve communication and mutual understanding. Knowing such commands can also help to prevent potential problem scenarios or mishaps.

Dogs that walk happily on-leash without pulling, actually benefit greatly from walks – exercise, socialisation & fun. All very important for your puppy or dog’s general development. Dogs that pull are usually nervously or stressfully doing so, and don’t benefit much from walks.

In my experience, dogs that trot happily next to their owners during regular walks, in general have fewer behavioural issues, less stress/nervousness and are much more manageable at home.

Puppy training

Puppy consultations and training sessions cover all the things you need to know
about raising a happy, well-balanced, well-mannered little dog.

We’ll go through basic commands, general obedience, correct interaction and dealing with the usual puppy issues such as mouthing, chewing, indoor elimination and jumping up.

Puppy socialisation is incorporated into walks, where such learning happens at a natural pace, allowing puppy to take in the world around them as it is rather than in an overwhelming environment which might scare your puppy or render them unable to focus on training.

Please see the ‘behaviours’ page to identify the things your dog or puppy need help with.

* Positive re-enforcement is used and encouraged *