Behaviour consultations – done at home

Is your dog or puppy misbehaving or battling with a specific behavioural problem? Would you like to train some commands or better obedience?

Whether your pooch is being a handful, is stressed or shows aggressive behaviour or is simply too boisterous when your visitors arrive..

If he or she battles with separation-anxiety, is toileting in the house, fighting with the other dogs, barks all day while you’re at work, or at strangers, or is digging up your back garden and chewing your furniture, you’ll need some assistance.

Unwanted behaviours are easily resolved when the root of the problem is understood and addressed. Giving commands successfully each time becomes simple if you know how it is your dog understands you. Simple changes can help them to feel better fast. Soon your best friend will become better behaved, more manageable and obedient, and even keen to listen to you. Problem behaviours become a thing of the past, and your dog becomes a happier individual. 

Consultation and training sessions are are structured according to each specific situation and requirements, focusing on what’s necessary and ensuring that your dog benefits from a personal approach to their individual needs, behavioural issue/s or the training they require.