Paw Paper

  • A combined sense of taste and smell, for much better results!
    While we humans have about 9000 taste buds dogs have only around 1700, but when it comes to smelling ability dogs win hands down. They have […]
    We’ve all heard before about how incredible our dogs’ sense of smell is.. but do we realise what this means.. how they’re able to interpret the […]
  • Basset hound
    The Basset was bred for pack hunting because of its good sense of smell. At home, the breed needs a fairly firm and patient owner. Training […]
  • Boerboel
    This breed is intelligent, observant, loyal, courageous, protective and energetic. The Boerboel was bred to guard the homestead and family within and to tackle large animals […]
  • Bull Terrier
    The brave and bouncy Bully was originally bred in Europe for human “entertainment” by way of dog-fighting and bull-baiting as well as for vermin control. By […]
  • CAR SICKNESS – traveling with your pooch
    True motion-sickness will usually require medication to help with the associated nausea. If your dog salivates during rides then its likely more than just not enjoying […]
    This sweet, energetic little dog was bred as a companion animal and therefore has high attention/social needs. They love attention and can easily become nervously protective […]
    The lively Cocker Spaniel was bred as a gun dog, for hunting usually near water which is why the breed loves so many water activities. This […]
    The spirited little Dachshund was originally bred for hunting badgers, rabbits & rodents. The breed therefor has a high prey drive and will ferociously chase any […]
  • Developmental stages in dogs
    Eyes open: 10 – 14 days (gentle introduction to handling)                  The first set of teeth, start walking: 2-3 weeks (supply appropriate rubber chews, safety) Ears […]
  • English Bulldog
    Once used in the horrific practice of bear-baiting but now much loved, the English bulldog is a sweet, dependable, often stubborn breed. It’s laid back energy […]
  • Fearfulness…
    It’s to be expected for dogs to be reactive to situations or environments that are uncommon to them. This is one of the things we’ve bred […]
  • Gluten-free dog biscuits Recipe
    As people are opting for fewer refined grain product, a lot are switching their dogs to a gluten-free diet too. Here’s a yummy recipe for your […]
  • Great Dane
    This elegant gentle giant was originally bred for hunting and to guard property. The breed is generally affectionate and greatly enjoys family life. Danes are not […]
  • Is your dog petrified of FIREWORKS? What you can do to help.
    30th of October / Halloween 31st October  Guy Fawkes5th of November / New Year’s Eve’– 31st December On the day: If your dog walks well on-leash, take her […]
  • Jack Russell Terrier
    A Jack Russell terrier is a small energetic, alert and feisty little dog, bred for working and used in fox hunting, both above and below ground. […]
    Once in a while we don’t have a reliable, trusted pet sitter available and kenneling the only option left. Get some peace of mind beforehand. Get […]
    The Labrador retriever is known for its friendly, loving and loyal nature. It’s people-oriented, eager to please and learn fast. Because of the breed’s stable temperament […]
    Usually seen in high-energy dogs and very social dogs/breeds. Boredom, attention-seeking, loneliness and excess energy are mostly to blame. Helping your dog to break the habit […]
  • Pomeranian
    Also known as the Toy pom this is one of the miniature spitz dog breeds. The Pomeranian has high energy levels and requires at least 20 […]
  • Preparing for your new pet
    Remember that your new cat or dog may have been passed from family to family before ending up with you. They may be confused, or even […]
  • Puppy behaviours and tips on how to deal with them.
    Jumping: Imagine wanting to get the attention of someone who is much taller than you are – it only makes sense to try and be a […]
  • Puppy Help – Part 1
    Puppy behaviors and tips on how to deal with them. Imagine wanting to get the attention of someone who is much taller than you are – […]
  • Puppy Help – part 2
    Socialisation should be started slowly and mindfullyfrom an early age and continued throughout your dog’s life with an array of safe sights, sounds, friendly animals and […]
    The noble Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to hunt lion and as a guarding to homesteads. It is dignified, quiet, gentle, tolerant, intelligent, family orientated and […]
    Separation-anxiety is extremely stressful for those who suffer from it! Our pets have no idea why we need to leave home for extended periods each day. […]
  • Siberian Husky
    This super-active working breed needs a minimum of 40 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. A good run from adulthood also goes a long way in keeping […]
  • The “guilty” look
    Do we get it right – trying to communicate information to our pets? Why then do their “bad” behaviours continue? Naturally we view everything from our […]
  • The wonderful AFRICANIS
    The Africanis breed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They are observant, friendly, lively, territorial and need daily family contact as well […]
  • Understanding pack structure
    Wild dogs long ago adopted a hierarchical order that establishes which members get first option on food, the best resting spots and the healthiest mates. So […]
  • What’s in a name..
    Try not to use your dog’s name in negative ways too often, even if you are a bit angry. If that happens once too many times […]
  • Why having pets sterilised is so important…
    Article by Dr Sheilagh Hahn in the journal for SABCAP (SA Board for Companion Animal Professionals). A cat that has had 4 kittens (which is a […]
  • Yorkshire Terrier
    Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” is a classified as a toy breed, but don’t let it size fool you. This dog is a very spirited, brave, determined, […]
    There are a few reasons why your dog may not be keen on their top of the range kennel.. see if you can help them to […]