Dog Training

Obedience training

Discouraging bad behaviours and teaching your dog about appropriate responses, good choices and most importantly to want to listen to you.

Positive training methods and effective interaction will enable your dog to better understand what you want from them every time and so become more responsive and obedient towards you.

Enjoyable training forms a good foundation for dogs to learn from throughout life, and as long as training is fun for your dog, he or she will want to repeat the things already learned as well as want to learn more.

Training can be done at almost any age.


Its important that your dog responds to your call, that they sit/wait patiently for meals and other resources, thereby raising the value of what you provide, and that they are open to sharing, leaving or staying when you need them to.

Such basic commands, if used correctly and if not over-used, are wonderful for strengthening your bond with your dog or puppy and to improve simple communication and mutual understanding.

Knowing such commands can also help to prevent potential mishaps.

                    Leash training

Almost all behavioural issues are positively affected by a regular, enjoyable walking routine.

For our dogs a relaxing but brisk walk around the neighborhood is a tremendously fulfilling experience. It puts them in touch with the sounds and scents they experience from behind high walls everyday.

Exploring the world outside while getting good exercise helps dogs to become less boisterous, more obedient and better behaved at home.

Unfortunately dogs that pull on the leash don’t gain very much from their over-stimulated, stressful walks, and the problem behaviours at home usually persist.

A remarkable improvement is usually seen after just one leash-training session.


  • The initial training session (covering the above, or other specific training as needed) is R750. Follow-up sessions, if necessary, are R550 (to continue with training, recap on what’s been learned and to go over difficult areas).
  • Follow-up sessions can be booked as needed.
  • All sessions last for about 1.5 hours.