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What My Clients Say

  • How enlightening! Everything was completely specific to Shadow, her behaviours and our concerns. It was amazing how quickly she started responding; she was listening better, she was less skittish around other dogs, she stopped digging and comes when we call her. We now have the freedom to take her wherever we go without hassle or concern. The best part is how happy Shadow is - she’s blossomed! Thank you , you have made a world of difference!
    Chanel, Olivedale
  • You won’t believe how much is changed since your session yesterday. Franky and Zaza just seem so calm and they are actually listening. I am forever grateful
    Candice, Centurion
  • Thank you so much for the time you spent with us! You have made such a difference. I will surely refer anyone to you!”
    Melissa, Northcliff
  • Thank you for giving us such great peace of mind
    Cathleen, Roodepoort
  • He has started listening to my commands better and responds faster
    Jessica, Boskruin
  • Things at home are going well. Madison and Logan are calm and they have been obeying our new rules very well. Thank you again for all your help
    Gary & Michael, Struben’s valley
  • He definitely is jumping up less and we can just see in his eyes he is so much happier. A big thank you for the knowledge that you have passed onto our family, we are truly grateful
    Sharlene, Randpark
  • The words “thank you” do not cover the revolution you have done for my mom, myself and most importantly for my girls
    Tarryn, Florida park
  • I was very impressed with your insight and will recommend you to everyone who may need your services
    Alyson, Northcliff
  • Thanks you very much Amanda, your help has been amazing
    Iain, Craighall park
  • It’s such a relief to know she can live a normal happy life. You’ve made us so happy
    Bridget, Blairgowrie
  • Thank you so much for your assistance today. It’s very interesting how we can misunderstand animals
    Michele, Sundowner

What a consultation consists of

Consultations are done privately at your home where we will discuss details of your dog’s behaviour/s and get to work on helping them to recover or to improve bad behaviour. By the end of the session your dog will be on their road to improvement or recovery and you will understand how to help them as they continue to improve. Follow-up sessions are booked as/if necessary.

A straightforward behaviour-modification plan is put into place and training is done where necessary. A plan typically consists of a few simple changes that need to implemented and maintained for a few days or weeks, depending on the severity or intensity of the problem/s.

The behaviour/s then duly improve and stop because they no longer serve a purpose.

How long it lasts

Each session is typically between 60 and 90 minutes in duration.

How long before results are seen

Depending on the severity or complexity of your dog/s behaviours, it usually takes from between a few days to a couple of weeks for the behaviour/s to disappear. In most cases however, an almost immediate improvement is obvious.

In a small number of cases more time & help is needed to recover and/or medication may be necessary.

Guarantee that the problem will go a way

With the owner's commitment, undesired behaviours usually stop successfully and completely.


The cost for a consultation is R850 irrespective of how many behavioural issues your dog is battling with.

In severe or complex cases a follow-up session or two may become necessary.

All follow-up sessions are R650 and can be booked as needed.