Canine companion was established in 2009.

Consultations and training are done at your home for your convenience.

Being in a familiar home environment means that your dog feels more comfortable to learn. Usual or typical behaviours can also be seen.

Your puppy or adult can learn at their own pace and particular attention can be given to difficult areas.

By the end of the session your best friend will be on their road to improvement or recovery.

Depending on the overall severity or complexity it typically takes a few days for behaviours to stop. In most cases an almost immediate improvement is obvious. Training and consultations are followed-up or repeated as needed.

More is covered during one-on-one sessions so fewer repeat sessions are necessary.

Just like us, our dogs have accumulated experiences, preferences and fears. These are some of the things that affect behaviour and learning. Each session is therefor structured to benefit your individual dog or puppy.

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What My Clients Say

  • Thanks for your help. It’s been a real blessing and benefit and resulted in much happier doggies
    Grant, Kyalami
  • I’m so grateful. He’s stopped jumping up on everyone and destroying my garden
    Maureen, Greenside
  • They are like different dogs, we are so very happy. Thanks!
    Rob & Megan, Paulshof
  • We have seen such an improvement! The barking has minimised also which is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much
    Graham, Radiokop
  • Yullie and Rex are becoming great friends fast and there seems to be no issues between them. I am sure in a few weeks time they will be the best of friends. Thank you for all your help. Your advice and know-how have really been instrumental in getting these two on board with each other
    Les & Sue, Randpark Ridge
  • Thank you for your help, it was extremely valuable. I feel like I may be able to understand dogs better! I am exceptionally grateful
  • Absolutely fabulous! Your visit was extremely beneficial and helpful. We had our first night’s uninterrupted sleep in months!
    Julie, Lanseria
  • Aki is doing so much better and our walks are event-free
    Lianne, Blairgowrie

Friends of Canine Companion


Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is an established network connecting animal organizations and advocates throughout South Africa. They create awareness, promote adoption and encourage community involvement. Contact Cicely Blumberg and her team at Adopt a Pet for adoptions, donations and to make a new worthy connection.


Animals in Distress

Animals in Distress have been doing great work taking care of the unfortunate since 1958! That’s many years of commitment to helping others.

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Kitten & Puppy Haven

Kitty and Puppy Haven is a pro-life sanctuary started in 2000 with the sole purpose of rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Most of our cases originate from veterinary practices, low income areas, other welfare organizations (that work in the townships and squatter-camps) or from emergency rescues. While animal rescue and rehabilitation is a priority, educating people on correct animal care is critical.

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P4Paws are located in Riversands farm. They received many unwanted and neglected animals from Diepsloot township, who they then try to home. 4Paws are always extremely grateful for any and all donations or help. Their facilities are meager and any help with maintaining enclosures is also very welcome. Please support 4Paws by contacting Tammy to see you you can help. Donations here.