Siberian Husky

This super-active working breed needs a minimum of 40 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. A good run from adulthood also goes a long way in keeping your Husky relaxed at home. It’s an ideal breed to enroll in an agility class.

The Husky also enjoys having a job to do to keep their active brains happy. These dogs tend to become destructive and even start barking as a result of boredom. Appropriate toys, chews and games are therefor a must.

Their natural tendency to bark is moderate but they sometimes howl, especially if left alone for long periods. Their natural digging tendency is moderate but they sometimes to create a cool spot to lie in. Not forgetting where these dogs originated.

They are intelligent, independent, stubborn and hardy.

The Husky resonates with good leadership behaviour from its owner. The breed is still used for working alongside a good leader. It also needs daily routine and “house rules”.

The breed is friendly with people and enjoys human company. They can however be aloof with strangers.

If socialised they’re generally good with other dogs, but they have a high prey drive and may chase cats and livestock.

Adopt from Husky Rescue SA.

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