Why having pets sterilised is so important..

Article by Dr Sheilagh Hahn in the journal for SABCAP (SA board for Companion Animal Professionals).

A cat that has had 4 kittens (which is a small litter), may have 2 daughters in that litter. If those 2 females had 4 kittens each a few months later, we’d have 4 females plus the original mother having more kittens in this time. If you continue to do the maths at a doubled up ratio every six months (again, this is conservative), and include the kittens that the male cats from these litters are fathering, after 4 years you’ll be nearing the 100 000 mark!

One female dog and her offspring, in 6 years can be responsible for 67 000 dogs.
One female cat and her offspring, in 7 years can be responsible for 420 000 cats.

So, every single sterilised animal stops thousands of unwanted, uncared for abandoned, neglected and abused animals from being born and often euthanased.

Please consider these figures and do the right thing.

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