This breed is intelligent, observant, loyal, courageous, protective and energetic.

The Boerboel was bred to guard the homestead and family within, and to tackle large animals like lions and baboons. They’re therefor very protective of family and territory, always wanting to be with their owners and involved in family life. This dog will not hesitate to defend a family member to the death.

It is not unusual for the breed to display aggression toward other dogs or strangers so early and ongoing socialisation is necessary.

The Boerboel needs firm handling and good leadership skills from an early age. Obedience training using positive reinforcement and no force resonates with the breed.

They can become destructive if left alone for long because of tight family bonds, so practicing solitude in fun ways from puppyhood is recommended.

Whatever the amount of space available, they need plenty of regular physical and mental exercise.

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