Bull Terrier

The brave and bouncy Bully was originally bred in Europe for human “entertainment” by way of dog-fighting and bull-baiting as well as for vermin control. By mixing the English Bulldog for its tenacity and the old English terrier for its speed, the Bull terrier was born.

Then because 20% of pure white Bull terriers were being born deaf, some colour was introduced by further breeding with the Staffordshire Bull terrier to lower probability of deafness.  This mix is the Bully we know today.

The breed is known to be loyal and protective of their human family and because of their strong family ties some can be unfriendly to strangers. These dogs can become destructive if not enough attention is given by their families. They can be stubborn, fearless and independent but also fun-loving and spirited.

The breed is very energetic, needing at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily in the form of fast-paced on-leash walks and runs, and daily play sessions in the garden.

The Bully’s tendency to bark and dig are low.

This strong and fearless breed is not for the novice dog owner. It’s essential to do careful and frequent socialisation from puppyhood, as well as obedience training and its important that owners have breed and dog ownership knowledge.

Some may have aggressive tendencies while others don’t. Young kids and other pets sometimes need to be supervised around the breed and care should be taken around strangers if the particular dog’s socialisation status isn’t known. Some are aggressive to other dogs for the same reason and because of the breed’s fighting background.

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