Basset hound

The Basset was bred for pack hunting because of its good sense of smell.

At home the breed needs a fairly firm and patient owner. Training can be challenging as the Basset can be a stubborn dog. Toilet training is also sometime quite a job with the breed.

It doesn’t have high energy needs, but requires space and regular unhurried walks. The breed also enjoys playing so its a good idea to introduce a play routine early on.

The Basset is sometimes difficult to let off-leash during walks because of its strong scenting ability, which can override the need to listen to a command.

The breed also benefits from regular socialisation but is generally good with other pets. They are also normally friendly to people as they are people orientated and known to be good with children.

The Basset does well with a dog friend if its human family is away from home all day. They can be serious barkers and diggers if breed needs are not met. They enjoy singing, which sounds like howling to neighbours!

They have a high tendency to drool, love food and will actively look for it. The breed is prone to back injury because of its long back.

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