Developmental stages in dogs

Eyes open                                                        10 – 14 days                  

(gentle introduction to handling)

First set of teeth, start walking                                    2 – 3 weeks                    

(supply appropriate rubber chews, safety)

Ears open                                                         3 weeks                             

(continue careful socialisation)

Controlled excretion – no reflex stimulation            1 month                             

(start house training)

Eyes start to focus                                            6 weeks                             

(more socialisation – add variety)

Weaning                                                           7 weeks                             

(soft solid food)

Pack formation begins                                              2 months                            

Determination of leadership                                 4 months                            

“Puppy license” is revoked – puppy is made to understand its new place in the pack, usually by the middle ranking dogs, while top dog ignores the whole process. Male top dogs are less tolerant of pesky puppies than females.

Cutting of permanent teeth                                       5 months                            

(supply more chews, sterilise)

Sexual maturity (female)                                  6 – 18 months (average 9 months)

Heat cycle  (average 1 – 4 x/year)                            9 – 15 days

Gestation/pregnancy period                                      58 – 63 days

Sexual maturity (male)                                             8 – 15 months (average 11 mnths)

Signs of ageing                                                     about 8 years

(tartar, worn canines, greying, senility, cataracts, calluses, new aggression, arthritis, deafness, lack of interest)

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