The noble Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to hunt lion and as a guarding to homesteads. It is dignified, quiet, gentle, tolerant, intelligent, family orientated and a good watch dog. The breed has moderate social needs. It is content around its own family members, but naturally wary of strangers. Early and ongoing socialisation is very helpful in helping to avoid wariness developing into aggression. Can be aggressive towards other dogs and non-family pets.

It’s an active breed, needing at least 40 minutes of exercise a day, preferably outside of the garden to incorporate necessary socialisation. This dog is ideal for high-energy families. Prone to destructive chewing, almost always an indication of boredom and a lack of exercise.

The breed’s tendency to bark is low, to chew is high and to dig is low but they do sometimes dig comfy places to lie in or when too hot.

The Ridgeback can be stubborn and challenging to train as they are independent thinkers. Some also have dominance tendencies. Good leadership is therefore essential but any harshness might shut down your Ridgeback and they’ll ignore you. Bending the rules for this breed even once can encourage bad manners fast.

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