This sweet, energetic little dog was bred as a companion animal and therefore has high attention/social needs. They love attention and can easily become nervously protective of their owners and as a result, behave in an unfriendly manner to visitors.

They also sometimes tend to snap at strangers and small children who may seem threatening just due to their small size.

Fortunately because of its size, the Chihuahua needs only about 20 minutes of exercise daily, mostly for socialisation, to get out of the house and also as energy expenditure.

The breed should be kept active through play and fun activity rather than spending too much time in the owner’s arms, which can lead to a snappy, nervous little dog or separation-anxiety and stress.

The Chihuahua is comical, entertaining, full of character and loyal. The breed can be temperamental and easily take over the house if left to do so.

Their tendency to bark is of medium to high intensity and frequency, depending on daily outlet, routines and relationship to their owner. Their tendency to dig is low as they prefer to chew on a yummy, stuffed doggy chew.

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