CAR SICKNESS – traveling with your pooch

True motion-sickness will usually require medication to help with the associated nausea. If your dog salivates during rides then its likely more than just not enjoying the car ride.

If however your dog is more fearful or stressed by the experience, they can be helped to overcome some of the negative feelings.

  • Ensure that your dog hasn’t just had a meal so that nausea is kept at bay.
  • Try not to anticipate trouble prior to car rides for your dog to pick up on. Make it a low-key, normal event.
  • Try not to soothe your dog, as you could easily convey to them that there is indeed something to stress about.
  • Ensure that there is good ventilation in the car so that if fumes are adding to your dog’s nausea or stress, they can be minimised.
  • If you have another person in the car with you, make a point of having normal interaction with them at a normal volume.
  • Have the radio on at normal volume to somewhat drown out outside noise.
  • Make your dog a bed using a thick folded blanket to help lessen the vibration of the car or bumps in the road. Use their favorite bed if possible to help with positive association.
  • Try to position your dog facing forward so that the motion feels more natural.
  • Calmeze can be given the night before a trip (and the next morning too) to help ease your dog’s anxiety. The remedy is 100% natural and available over the counter from vets and pet shops. See your vet if symptoms are severe, so they may prescribe necessary meds.
  • Consult your vet as there may be a medical cause and prescription medication to help with motion-sickness long-term.
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* Try to stop off at the park or another favorite walking spot so that your dog is rewarded for “putting up” with the experience.

* Try a different car if you think the association could simply be too many negative experiences in the same car.

When the reaction is mild or your dog hasn’t been experiencing negative associations with car rides for long, you can use the above points to help them overcome the anxiety associated with car rides. If there is no relief for your dog, please book a training session so the experience can be reintroduced to them, for them to start making positive associations and even come to enjoy car rides.

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