The bouncy Boston was bred from the English bulldog and the English terrier for ratting and as a companion.

The breed requires 20-30 minutes of exercise daily as they have lots of energy. Play on the lawn and walks outside of the garden are best. Else the breed is mostly an indoor dog .

Boston terrier

They like playing ball and Frisbee, so be sure to teach your Boston terrier puppy these games from a young age. Exercise needs to be done in short bursts rather than all in one go to avoid over heating, especially in hot weather. The breed is also sensitive to cold.

The “Bostie” is good-natured, playful and a cheerful companion. It generally gets on well with children and other pets, even cats, especially if raised together.

Their tendency to dig is low, to bark is moderate (but they will bark to alert their owners and therefore make good watch dogs). Attention/social needs are moderate.

They are intelligent and stubborn, and may know many commands but will bluntly ignore them. Their investigative background sometimes means that they’re likely to run off if let off leash in a park, or to run out of the gate at any given opportunity.

The Boston terrier can be a picky eater and battle with digestive problems.

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