There are a few reasons why your dog may not be keen on their top of the range kennel.. see if you can help them to like it and to want to spend time in it.

Position the kennel so that the entrance allows your dog to be able to survey the garden and main entrances. If it’s difficult to see when someone comes around the corner your pooch may not feel safe.

See that it’s also placed under a roof so that the rain or hail doesn’t scare your dog when falling on the roof of their kennel.

Ensure that the kennel is placed on some bricks so that flooding is avoided.

Be sure that the kennel is sturdy and isn’t unevenly placed so that it rocks from side to side.

Check the kennel regularly for spider webs, especially around the entrance to the kennel.

Check regularly for leaks. Nobody wants to spend time in a wet kennel.

Try a nylon cushion for your dog if he/she has chewed previous cushions. Be sure to give your dog a delicious stuffed chew in their new bed, so that the chew is eaten and not the bed/cushion.

Introducing a new kennel correctly will help your dog to accept it and want to use it. Feed your dog’s meals near or in the kennel to get them used to it. Throw some treats in the back of the kennel to get your dog to go inside and see that its ok.

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