The lively Cocker spaniel was bred as a gun dog, for hunting usually near water which is why the breed loves so many water activities.

This dog is loyal, loving and sensitive. It has high ease of training and is very intelligent.

The Spaniel is generally good with other animals, they love people especially kids and craves family attention. The breed doesn’t do well when left alone and can be prone to destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism, or simply when not getting enough attention.

This breed is good at alerting their family when a visitor has arrived and will usually welcome visitors enthusiastically. They do well with owners that practice good leadership. They can be mouthy especially during puppyhood, having a tendency to nip, chew, play-bite (a soft bite that doesn’t puncture skin) and herd.

Spaniels have good appetites and will steal food if left to do so.

The breed has moderate exercise needs but needs a daily outlet – a short walk and definitely a game such as ball or Frisbee to include family fun time!

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