The Labrador retriever is known for its friendly, loving and loyal nature. It’s people-oriented, eager to please and learn fast. Because of the breed’s stable temperament and good nature, the Labrador is a popular family dog, typically gentle and patient with children.

Labs get along well with other dogs and strangers, especially if socialised from a young age as all dogs should be.

The breed grows quickly, but continue acting like puppies well into adulthood, until they’re around four years old.

The Labrador is a working breed, having very activity and mental stimulation needs. Keeping this breed in the back garden without sufficient exercise is likely to result in excessive digging or chewing, and an unmanageable dog.

Daily play sessions on the lawn and/or 40 minutes walking, at least every second day will result in a much more relaxed dog. Regularly exercising a working breed is essential and highly beneficial in combating an array of behavioural problems.

Labs enjoy carrying things around in their mouths and they enjoy chewing. The breed is therefor prone to swallowing toys, bones and even clothing, because of their mouthing obsession. Its therefor a very good idea to provide doggy chews.

Favourite activies: playing in water, playing ball, chewing on a favourite chew and catching Frisbee.

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