Puppy Help – Part 1

Puppy behaviours and tips on how to deal with them.


Imagine wanting to get the attention of someone who is much taller than you are – it only makes sense to try and be a little taller yourself. In addition, we often encourage jumping up by interacting with our puppies when they jump up on us, thereby reinforcing the habit.

Tip: Encourage family members and visitors to play with puppy using a favorite toy so that puppy isn’t encouraged to jump up – there won’t be a reason to try be taller if the person is coming down to your height and interacting with you there.


Puppies learn about the world using their jaws and paws – through taste, smell and feel, and what better way than the muzzle area to do this important job! They also teethe just like other mammal babies do and so chewing is an excellent idea, so help the skin to break and to soothe those inflamed gums.

Tip: Ensure that puppy has appropriate chews and toys available 24/7 else they might find their own “chews” such as your shoes or furniture. Remember that puppy is only a baby, and will forget where their chews have been left – so you have find them, rinse them if necessary, rub a tiny bit of something yummy on, and re-offer.


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