Amanda van der Walt, dog training, puppy training, behaviour consultation

Amanda van der Walt

Registered canine behaviourist & trainer | Randburg and surrounds | Basic & advanced canine ethology | Member of the SA board for companion-animal professionals

Private @ home behaviour consultation for adults and puppies

By really understanding why our dogs react or behave in the ways they do, we can help them to recover from a variety of “unwanted” behaviours effectively and with lasting results, be it bad manners, bad habits or fearfulness.

Learn to effectively manage your dog’s behaviour rather than to discipline, shout or feel frustrated.

There are many reasons for the different behaviours we see. Factors such as life experience, environmental influence, routines and habits add to the uniqueness of each dog’s particular set of behaviours.

Behaviour modification through positive association will steer your dog towards better alternatives and choices. And so, better habits and behaviours.

Positive reinforcement is used and encouraged in training.

All consultation and training is done in the comfort of your home.

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Below are some of the more common behaviours.

barking – digging – chewing
boisterousness – disobedience – jumping up
aggression – fighting – dominance – unsocial
fearfulness – separation-anxiety – house soiling

Please see the Behaviours page for a more comprehensive list.

Obedience, leash and other training for adults and older puppies

Cultivating obedience in positive and enjoyable ways encourages an eagerness to listen, respond and learn.

While learning in a group setting can be fun, it can also be distracting, overwhelming and restrictive. One-on-one training is often the solution.

Enjoyable training will encourage your puppy or adult dog towards more calmness, better obedience and to behave well. Be it at home, while out on a walk, at the park or at a dog-friendly restaurant.

 With some basic commands and obedience skills, your dog can be asked to willingly wait in a relaxed manner while you prepare their meal or attach their leash for a walk. To come to you when called, not to jump on visitors, to go to their bed when you need them to settle or not to get stressed at the park.

Leash-training is highly recommended for dogs and puppies alike. An enjoyable walking routine is highly beneficial for almost all behavioural issues. Physical and mental health will also benefit greatly.

Essential socialisation occurs at a natural pace during stress-free walks.

Positive reinforcement is used and encouraged in training.

All consultation and training is done in the comfort of your home.

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One-on-one @ home puppy training

Create a good foundation for your puppy to learn from throughout life.

Individual training ensures that your puppy feels comfortable to progress at their own pace. Special attention can also be given to difficult areas for your puppy.

Such learning sticks better as there is no pressure or force. A more relaxed puppy will have more fun learning too. So again, more is remembered easily and faster.

Socialisation with new dogs, people and environments occurs naturally during enjoyable, relaxing walks. It’s therefor a good idea to start walking your puppy early on. Instead of being over-whelmed in a group environment, socialisation takes place at a normal and natural rate this way. Just like it will happen throughout the rest of your puppy’s life.

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