“Aki is doing so much better and our walks are event free”

Lianne, Blairgowrie

“How enlightening! Everything was completely specific to Shadow, her behaviours and our concerns. It was amazing how quickly she started responding; she was listening better, she was less skittish around other dogs, she stopped diggingHoles in the garden; along a wall, at the gate, in flower-beds or random areas. and comes when we call her. We now have the freedom to take her where ever we go without hassle or concern. The best part is how happy Shadow is – she’s blossomed!
Thank you , you have made a world of difference!”

Chanel, Olivedale

“I’m so grateful. He’s stopped jumping upOn owners or visitors; excessive excitement during greeting or play. on everyone and destroying my garden”

Maureen, Greenside

“Thank you for your help, it was extremely valuable. I feel like I may be able to understand dogs better!  I am exceptionally grateful”

Lindsay, Northriding

“Yullie and Rex are becoming great friends fast and there seems to be no issues between them. I am sure in a few weeks time they will be the best of friends.  Thank you for all your help. Your advice and know-how have really been instrumental in getting these two on board with each other.

Les & Sue, Randpark Ridge

“ We have seen such an improvement! The barkingExcessively or for no apparent reason. has minimised also which is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much”

Graham, Radiokop

“ They are like different dogs, we are so very happy. Thanks!”

Rob & Megan, Paulshof

“Thanks for your help. It’s been a real blessing and benefit and resulted in much happier doggies”

Grant, Kyalami


 What a consultation consists of

Consultations are done at your home where I’m able to observe and interact with your dog in his or her usual environment and to discuss details of their behaviour with you.

Training is done as necessary and a straightforward plan specific to your situation is put into place for everyone to follow. This typically consists of a few simple changes that need to implemented for a few days or weeks, depending on the severity or intensity of the problem. Alongside training these changes will have a positive impact and the behaviour will become lessened and then extinct.

Helpful information pertinent to your dog’s behaviour is emailed to you after the consultation, to recap on the session.

Positive reinforcement methods are used and encouraged for training.

How long it lasts

Consultations and training sessions typically last for around 1.5 hours.

How long before results are seen

Depending on the severity or complexity of the behaviours, or the amount of training needed, it usually takes from between a few days to a couple of weeks for the behaviour/s to completely disappear. In most cases however, an immediate improvement is obvious.

Guarantee that the problem will go a way

Undesired behaviours are usually eliminated successfully and completely.


The cost for a consultation is R650 irrespective of how many behavioural issues exist or the type of training required.

For behavioural issues one to two sessions are usually sufficient (a consultation plus one follow-up session). For training two to three sessions are typically needed (one consultation plus one or two follow-up sessions. Follow-ups are charged at R450 and are also 1.5 hours long.

Follow-up sessions are necessary to go over remaining difficult areas and to continue with training. Dogs respond very well to private training and need fewer repeats so a follow-up session is decided upon during the initial session, and then booked as necessary.