The spirited little Dachshund was originally bred for hunting badgers, rabbits & rodents. The breed therefor has a high prey drive and will ferociously chase any small, fleeting creature such as the lizards in your garden.

For the same reason they also love diggingHoles in the garden; along a wall, at the gate, in flower-beds or random areas. and barkingExcessively or for no apparent reason. (to alert that the kill has been found).

The Daxie has high energy levels and needs about 20 minutes of play sessions and walks daily, avoiding strenuous activity to protect the long, delicate Dachshund spine. 

The breed is confident, fearless, brave, determined, independent and stubborn. They can take a while to warm up to strangers and can be aggressive towards other dogs so ongoing socialisation is important for the breed.

Even though the breed’s social needs are moderate, it’s often spoiled and can develop separation-anxietyWill do anything not to be alone, keeps owner in sight, over-excited greeting., which can cause excessive barking and nervousnessDistrusting and anxious around strangers, sometimes snappy.. They like to be in on everything you do and will follow you everywhere.

Dachshunds love the company of other Dachshunds.


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