“Separation-anxietyWill do anything not to be alone, keeps owner in sight, over-excited greeting. is extremely stressful for pets that suffer from it. They have no concept of why we need to leave home for extended periods each day. We also aren’t able to tell them that we’ll definitely be back again, so during the long hours that they’re alone for each day, dogs that battle with this horrible affliction will wait for their family to return home, focusing on little else. Sometimes out of panic and worry they’ll resort to destructivenessDigging, chewing, destroying valuable items, pulling washing from the line. (chewingForbidden household items, garden equipment, furniture, kids’ toys., tearing, diggingHoles in the garden; along a wall, at the gate, in flower-beds or random areas.) or in severe cases even self-injury such as acral lick granuloma.


  • Overly-attached to a specific person; follows them around to be as close as possible to them, so as to know their whereabouts at all times.
  • Seeks repetitive reassurance by regularly asking for contact when the salient person is present.
  • Sometimes shows stressful behaviour when the person gets ready to leave – uneasiness, trembling, pacing, panting, vocalisation.
  • Excessive greeting when the person arrives home – jumping up, vocalising and sometimes even urinating.
  • Barking or howling to call the person home when they’re absent.
  • In severe cases the dog will destroy furniture, pull washing from the line, tear bedding, chew furniture, garden fittings, window frames, doors etc.












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